Friday, April 20, 2012

I won't give up. a song of hope

Dear Lord,
I owe you a lot. And I know that anything I do won’t suffice to the things that you have done for us, as you died for our sins.
There were many things that I have been thinking, and as a Christian, I know I have more to give to you and I feel like that I have never given anything back to you.
Yesterday was a great revelation to me and my soul sister jony. I would never forget the day that you have spoken to me through a friend and I just can’t wait to do more for you and only for your glory alone.

This decision made me think so many times if I would do this or not. Many factors made me think twice, what will people say? What will their reaction be?, etc. – these are just human feelings, of course this is normal..but what really matters most is what will the big guy say up thereJ that’s what matters.

With my soul sister, who has a beautiful heart and a love for Jesus that I truly admire, we sang this song together, from Jason myraz entitled I won’t give up.

The song speaks so much to me, to us.
I love these lines :
I don't wanna be someone who walks away so easily
I'm here to stay and make the difference that I can make
Our differences they do a lot to teach us how to use
               The tools and gifts we got yeah, we got a lot at stake

I know God is speaking through this song and I can really feel it.

   Lord, this song is dedicated to you. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

on the road ♥

okay. this is the first time that i have publicly shown a photo of me editing during the wedding day.
haggard as it is, please forgive me for posting it.
trying to explain what do i really do?
my friends would ask me " what is your work?"  I answer " I'm just sitting around..hehe" kidding aside, what i do is edit. I edit wedding videos:)

this picture shows that i edit everywhere, anywhere, anyhow..hahaha!
i had experiences were i would edit squatting near the fireworks display..this is one thing that i love about my job
you never know what to expect prepared

at boracay Shangrila, taken just this month by my friend/officemate mikki :)

i am so blessed to be given this opportunity to work :)  there are difficult times but with God's grace it helped me push through:) there you go..this is what i do and i am blessed! :)

thank you thank you thank you.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

all in a days work :)

meet the mustached editor :) haloo!
i don't just edit, i have a mustache :) aha aha!

the time when i do my edits, it feels awesome to just make a fool out of yourself! haha!:)
have an awesome day everyone!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

it's not the places. it's the people part2

concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

my funny stunts. cross eye serious look

we are so tall here!ahaha! els favorite pic.hahaha!

-zee streets of new york

ella, gea and tita mercy. the Bugayong girls

thanks for smiling sir! :)

my food! Good to Go Organic food!

the famous central park

zee gorgeous gea bugayong cuadra

-at night

i think we stayed for almost an hour in this area!haha!

in result: we have too many pictures here. haha!

we indeed enjoy this pictorial!!!

before heading home, we insisted to have this picture of our lovely couple:) gea and jae

-zee date

this place is just lovely. the food the ambiance, just perfect for a lovely date :)

plus, this is where tom hanks met meg ryan in one of the scenes in you've got mail, kilig!!!

-the memorial

-zee moments and the people
gea and jae. thanks for being our host! we enjoyed staying in your home:) thanks for the organic food and now my favorite fruit, persimmon, i know i had too much of it. and for bearing with my sickness and in the end getting it as well. sorry about that. we enjoyed the laughter, the food and the company! and most of all the pictorials!hahaha :)
thanks fum the bottom of my heart:)

to my mom in newyork, thanks so much for being there for us, for being such a beautiful person. i adore your heart!!
when i grow up, i would love to be a mom like you! just amazing! :)
i really don't know how i can ever repay for all the things you have done for us in new york! thanks so much!!:)

to my beautiful friend ella, you are just the bestest! my bff (beautiful friend fart). you are awesome to the awesomest!
months of praying has paid of!hahaha! though i was sick the whole time, it just doesn't show because of the amazing people i am with. continue being just who you are! many love elaela bugayong!haha! (singing mode)
can't wait to see you again and more adventures to come!haha!:)  thanks bff!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

it's not the places. it's the people

first stop. san francisco

there are many things that I have learned from this trip. first," wear thy flats".  Nung fiel and I were walking around to look for some good locations for the prenupt shoot and I, a very wise person wore sandals, so stupid. and because of that I was forced to buy this cute little ones.

so comfort first!

food. there are numerous vegetarian and pescetarian restaurants. so I'm very pleased indeed.

we ordered clam chowder which stuffed us badly!haha

such a pretty place

too many amazing places that I have seen but people I have met seem to overpower the fascinating view or even the food. haha
who are these amazing people?

Alnie and Arman. my first onsite couple, that's what I always joke around. I love them both, they are just so perfect for each other. Alnie's quirkyness and Arman's subtle humor = awesomeness! thanks so much for welcoming us. and of course how will I forget? their lovely dog rino :) hehe! until next time guys :)

haha! this is just a funny picture. sam and rye! i miss u guys! and the food tripping! seeing your faces made me miss you guys!boo! i miss the lovelife talk..hahaha! but i guess i just really miss u both! oh many "miss" did i write?haha! can't wait to see you guys again! thank you so much for everything! hugs!

you two are just the sweetest! hearing that praise song in your car, and knowing about how you guys met at church, really inspired me to also wait for my God's best :) till our next ice cream bonding! thanks so much jairus and mae :)

paula and dennis! though we just met it seems that I know you guys already!!! thanks so much for the unforgettable tour at google...shocks..its a once in a lifetime for me! I'm so overwhelmed that day:) thanks for giving time and for introducing liam! that cute boy! :) I know you guys will be blessed! hope to see you soon! :)

my big sis, nang mia (milky legs) thanks so much for being genuine. you are just truly lovely!
thanks for taking care of us, in so many many ways. nahuya na gd ko sure someday makabawi gd ko. I have enjoyed so much with you! thank you for the awesome talk, for taking care of me when I was sick, hopefully the next time we meet healthy guid ko.. thank you from the bottom of my heart:)

next stop chicago.

its famous skyline.

haha. do you think i'm enjoying myself? noo!!!hahaha

i love baby bella!

I want to thank you so much angeline, jeff, baby bella for all the love that you gave when we were there. I can't express how grateful I am! :)  Even though I got sick and all, I enjoyed my stay. I still remember the time that angeline and I were chatting online wishing and praying that I could visit her, and I'm so privileged  and thankful that my prayers were answered.  Also to gabe, the addition in the family, you are awesome! thanks so much guys!thanks so much chicago:)

howdy partner! next stop, texas.

nice smile you two :)

baby zoe enjoying herself! she is so adorable!

awesome feeding day! :)

jailed for doing our own crazy stunts. don't want to share it, it's too humiliating.hahaha!

had a great great time! :)

enjoying buffet brunch ;)

to my food soulmate noreen! thank you for all the healthy food you fed me!haha! though I was sick, i so enjoyed all the food!!!:) to you, lito and baby zoe, thanks so much for letting us stay and to experience zee awesome movie theater you have! more blessing to you guys! and not to forget,

one of the important member of the family, guapa. haha!  stay awesome and young guys!!!hugs!